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MyServers from RapidSwitch

MyServers is our customer control panel that puts you in complete control of your services. Built and refined for over a decade, MyServers is an unrivalled tool in the hosting industry that delivers seamless interaction with your services from your fingertips.

Live Bandwidth Graphs

Realtime traffic output 24x7x365

Bandwidth usage is key to providing trend data for your business. Whether it's a webserver or application server, our at-a-glance bandwidth graphs provide realtime usage statistics so you can have a general overview before diving into deeper analysis.

Our bandwidth calculations also provide estimates of monthly usage based on historic and current usage rates, with pre-warnings in the event that predicted bandwidth usage goes beyond your monthly allowance.

Live bandwidth graphs

Domain Control Panel

Complete control over your domains and DNS

Never let a domain lapse again! In addition to creating and maintaining DNS records, our domain control panel allows you to configure auto-renew for your domains, manage expiry reminders, update contacts, manage rDNS, and prevent transfers by locking Registrar details.

Our DNS hosting providers multiple, resilient nameservers across different physical locations and network ranges. For customers who don't want to run their own DNS hosting, we have a worldclass service available.

Within MyServers the easy to use GUI and DNS Wizards make DNS management easy.

DNS Control

Full API Integration

Innovation through automation

Resellers rejoice! Manage all aspects of your account through our hugely powerful API. All features within MyServers can be hooked into through our custom API and unlike off the shelf packages, we can respond to bespoke reseller requests for automation.

The API enables you to seamlessly integrate your own internal systems with ours, reducing the amount of administration burden for your business. Proven to boost profitability and enhance service quality, system integration via APIs will see your business scale without a linear increase in your cost base.

IPv4 and IPv6 Management

Manage your IP addresses seamlessly through MyServers. Request additional IPs, manage your subnets, setup rDNS and request IPv6 ranges.

MyServers provides all IP details for your services in one easily referenced area, taking away the hassle of IP management across multiple servers.

IPv6 is here and we are happy to announce full integration of IPv6 features through MyServers!

Offering a home to businesses that are testing IPv6 implementation, we are happy to share our experiences of deploying IPv6 across a vast UK network.

Advanced Network Access Control

Take advantage of our own Network Access Control features with your own private subnet ranges, including:

  • Alerts when users add IPs not allocated via MyServers
  • Floating IPs across multiple servers
  • Simultenaous IPv4 and IPv6 routing
  • Multiple subnet ranges per NIC

24 x 7 Realtime Monitoring

Free and unlimited alerts via SMS and E-mail

Setup customised monitoring and alerting via MyServers to ensure you're always alerted when there's a problem. Ping, root access, and switch port monitoring is included as standard on all services across our network, with the options for RAID and chassis monitoring when the vendor allows.

"Received: SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_5.3, status is LIVE"

And of course, if you want to take one of our enhanced SLA or management packages you can have our technicians act upon any monitoring alerts automatically, making sleepless nights a thing of the past.

24 x 7 monitoring & Alerts

Complete Financial History

A full audit trail of your account is available at any time via MyServers. Access all of your financial records historically in the event your own records have been archived.

All payments can be made online via our completely secure and PCI-DSS compliant payment gateways.

  • Your are in control of your payment details
  • Summary of all purchases
  • All your invoices, in one simple place
  • Available in PDF format for easy viewing/printing

Reboot Control & KVM Control

Unlimited, free reboots are available via MyServers or the API for customers not choosing to use, or are unable to access permanent KVM solutions.

If you make a reboot request in error, our system failsafe has the ability to cancel the power cycle request for up to 2 minutes.

Customers with fully managed racks can opt for their own reboot management using our power bars with automated power cycle functionality.

Access your server as if you were in the datacentre by using our free KVM devices. These KVM sessions can be used for configuring your own custom BIOS solutions and managing your own operating system installs.

You can also request Recovery Sessions and, using our unique Remote Installation Service, can deploy a number of linux distributions to the server when you need a quick and easy installation of a default operating system.


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