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Product of the month

UK Dedi Xeon E-2286G
4Ghz 6C/12T

from £65.00/pm

High Clock Speed UK dedicated servers. All servers come with unmetered bandwidth and no setup fees.
  • CPU: 4Ghz 6C/12T Xeon E-2286G
  • RAM: 64GB
  • HDD: 2x250GB SSD
  • OS: Linux
  • 1Gbps Port Connection

USA Dedi Xeon E-2388G
3.2Ghz 8 core

from £87.49/pm

High Clock Speed USA dedicated servers. All servers come with unmetered bandwidth and no setup fees.
  • CPU: E-2388G 3.2Ghz 8 core
  • RAM: 64GB
  • HDD: 2x250GB SSD
  • OS: Linux
  • 1Gbps Port Connection

Quad Telsa V100S GPU Servers

from £1950/pm

Deploy and train AI models with our Dedicated, UK Hosted Nvidia Tesla V100S Servers.
  • CPU: 2x Xeon Gold 6240 (18C/36T, 2.60Ghz/3.90Ghz Turbo, 24.75M)
  • RAM: 512GB
  • HDD: 2x4TB NVMe + 8x960GB SATA SSD's
  • GPU: 4x NVIDIA 32GB Telsa V100S GPU’s
  • OS: Customer Installed OS

From standalone dedicated servers to complex infrastructure solutions, we are the longest-standing UK dedicated hosting provider with fully owned data centres and a private, UK-wide network.

We guarantee to deliver a solution at the lowest possible cost.

Our technical architects can design hosted infrastructure, on-prem solutions, public cloud platforms and convert monolithic applications into microservice architecture for containerised platforms.

We are experts in application design and hosting solutions – use us to get what you need at the price you need it.

Key features

Dedicated Server Icon

Unbeatable dedicated servers

We have a full range of dedicated server solutions, from older generation servers through to cutting-edge, high performance computing appliances from Intel and Nvidia. We cannot be beaten on price – that’s a promise.

Backup & Recovery Icon

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We have a range of enterprise backup and data-recovery solutions, including disaster recovery for infrastructure and office. Your data is the lifeblood of your business. We can replicate it, store it, retrieve it and protect it. Our services range from single service backup solutions through to in-office, multi-country backup and disaster recovery platforms.

Cyber Security Icon

Cyber Security Portfolio

Our network is protected from attack through in-line DDoS protection from Arbor, the world’s leading manufacturer of cyber threat protection, network visibility and threat intelligence services. In addition we can offer in-depth threat protection and analysis services, penetration testing, and network security appliances.

FPGA & GPU Server Icon

FPGA and GPU Servers

Machine learning, AI, crypto-mining, and application acceleration are all possible with our Intel FPGA servers and Nvidia GPU solutions.  We support scientific research with concessionary pricing. With a small team of data scientists we are able to advise and assist with machine learning best practices.


Leased Lines and SD-WAN

Connect securely and privately to your infrastructure from office and private datacentre locations through our point-to-point leased line services and optional fully managed SD-WAN solutions. Complete with monitoring and management for end to end support.

Public Cloud Connectivity icon

Public Cloud Connectivity

All of our UK datacentres are connected straight into AWS, Azure, GoogleCloud and many other cloud exchanges courtesy of our CloudConnect service. Deliver true hybrid cloud services, with office-datacentre-cloud connectivity possible so that all platforms can run their software in the environment that is best suited for the application’s users.

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Established for over 20 years with over 90,000 dedicated servers deployed across 12 UK datacentres, Rapidswitch has one focus – delivering the best, dedicated server and infrastructure service available anywhere in the world. We are big enough to offer every possible infrastructure service available. From DDoS and network threat detection to backup and disaster recovery solutions, we have an extensive portfolio of products and services that has no gaps. We cannot be out-grown by our clients, with over 12 data centres in the UK and dozens more globally. Our network is one of the largest in the UK. But infrastructure is meaningless without the staff to deliver the service. We pride ourselves on being the number one server and infrastructure specialist in the world, and that expertise is delivered through people. Scale is nothing without service and we live and breathe technical staff from our front-line sales through to our data centre engineers. We will guarantee to deliver infrastructure solutions to solve your business problems. Speak to us, consult with us, and let us prove our competence to you.