Industry leading SLAs

Our infrastructure solutions are flexible, so why would our Service Level Agreements be any different? We know that different workloads require different levels of service. So, we provide multiple options for SLAs to ensure you get the service you need, at the best possible price point, for each device or platform.

Choose from our unmanaged, proactive M&A and premium plans below. Customised SLAs are also available. Simply speak to a member of the team who will provide quotes for fully managed infrastructure.

  Unmanaged Proactive M&A Premium
Lifetime hardware replacement included included included
Unlimited SMS / Email alerts included included included
Unlimited reboots included included included
24x7x365 Staff Monitoring and alerting (10 mins)   included included
On-site proactive diagnosis   included included
Proactive reboot [1]     included
Proactive hardware replacement [2]     included
Permanent KVM / management connection     included
Operating system updates [3]     included
Free OS re-installs     included
Guaranteed response time 120 mins 60 mins 30 mins [4]


1- Conditions when a reboot is to be performed are agreed in advance.
2- List of tasks to be performed in the event of hardware failure agreed in advance of order.
3- Applicable only to Operating Systems installed & supported by RapidSwitch.
4- When OS reinstall is required, time may be longer depending on OS.