Fully Custom Servers

Workloads will often need to be matched to the physical environment. Our custom dedicated server option provides a number of configuration changes that can be made to our prebuilt servers. Customers needing a totally custom approach can either contact our technical sales team directly or choose to use our fully customisable IaaS tool

Buy Custom Dedicated Servers
Intel Optane Technology icon

Intel Optane Technology

Our servers can be accelerated using Intel’s latest optane technology – from apache pass DIMMs up to 512GB in size through to Optane’s SSD storage solutions to improve performance under constant write environments.

NICs Icon

10G, 40G NICs ...and beyond

There is no need to be limited by bandwidth capacity. Scale up and out with 10G server options, 40G server options and racks with up to 300G of connectivity.

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Build from scratch or use templates

Our Enterprise IaaS tool allows users to select pre-approved vendor templates as a starting point for customising their platform, or to build everything from a blank canvas