Pre-built and ready to go

Many dedicated server providers will need to build your server to specification before provisioning the system. Some may even need to purchase the equipment beforehand. With our scale, we pre-rack the most popular specifications for general workloads and make them available to customers to choose an operating system before ordering. Our automated network and provisioning system does the rest.

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Latest Intel Technologies

All of our prebuilt servers are based on the latest Intel processors and chipsets, delivering maximum performance per pound. We continue to test the latest Intel processors on each vendor’s platforms to determine the highest performing server available to customers before going to market.

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Instant Provisioning

Many customers need workloads to be available near-instantly. With our automated provisioning system we can provide turnkey dedicated servers with minimal delays, whilst still providing a choice of operating system and server software.

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100% Uptime SLA

All of our servers come with a 100% uptime SLA to guarantee the network and power delivery to the server at every UK datacentre. As we have complete control of the infrastructure and service end to end, we can be assured in providing 100% uptime to our clients.