Hyperscale - with Service

Rapidswitch is one of the world’s largest infrastructure providers but unlike Softlayer, OVH, and public cloud companies, we provide a fully customisable service and a much more expansive range of infrastructure products.

We are your procurement service, your solutions architects, and your deployment team.

Once you are a customer, we are your infrastructure support team. No first line vendor support from the large corporates is needed – our support teams are based at our datacentres, with your services, and can provide immediate assistance.

We are more flexible, provide faster support, more affordable (and easier to deal with!) than distribution or direct with vendors.

We are your one-stop infrastructure shop.

Key Features

Unbeatable on price

Our ownership model end-to-end is how we can guarantee that nobody else can offer the same service for less.

Our datacentres, network, infrastructure, and staff are our own. With a vast amount of automation in our service delivery, it is impossible to offer what we can for a lower price and we will guarantee not to be beaten on price.

Dedicated server and infrastructure expertise

Being established for over 15 years, Rapidswitch has developed a number of systems and platforms that enable us to deliver infrastructure with speed, low cost, and expert staff.

Our unique IaaS design and deployment tool ensures we deliver to our clients a platform that has been built in collaboration with them and their expectations are met. No surprise costs, no configuration issues in deployment – what you see is what you get.

Most accredited UK service provider

Our full range of ISO accreditations demonstrates our commitment to quality of infrastructure, quality of service, and continued focus on improvement.

We care about our service as it is our key differentiation from our competition, so we continue to invest in our people, systems, and infrastructure to prove that commitment.

Comprehensive service catalogue

Many customers out-grow their infrastructure partners and need to involve multiple suppliers to service their business. We were determined not to let this happen.

We have established solutions across the full suite of infrastructure services – procurement, delivery, migration, hosting, development, security and network services.

There is no service we cannot offer.

Fast, interconnected, secure UK network

The network is the backbone of our infrastructure and delivers vast capacity, full redundancy, low-latency, and directly connected services to the public cloud vendors. Without such a network, your services are unreachable. Having such a large UK network makes private, secure inter-office connectivity possible for our clients.

We control the protection of our own network in-house and have invested in enterprise DDoS appliances and cyber security services that provide the highest level of assurance to clients that they can enjoy 100% uptime.

A culture of excellence

Delivering a service to clients that we can be proud of is the biggest motivator to our staff. Our continued investment in quality products and services reaffirms that message and keeps our staff driven to deliver the best possible service quality on top of our infrastructure.

Taking ownership of client problems and looking to design solutions to cater for them is what we do best. In speaking to our team we believe you will feel assured by our culture to deliver the best service we possibly can for our customers.

Join our hundreds of happy customers

It’s not just a supplier customer relationship with RapidSwitch and iomart, it’s a partnership. It’s about working together to serve Multiplay’s customers’ needs, whether that’s a consumer playing one of our games or a big publisher who knows we can deal with their requirements.

With the success of our SAN migration and the ongoing excellent technical support we get, we haven’t looked back.

Our website missingpeople.org.uk is at the heart of The Big Tweet and last year's amazing success put a noticeable strain on the old server. This year we have got the bandwidth and power to deal with the many, many thousands of hits that we expect to the new site thanks to The Sun and numerous celeb supporters. The new design and the powerful hosting behind it will ensure that The Big Tweet is a big success.

The Arab Spring was transformational for us. To deal with the spike in traffic, hosting from RapidSwitch was absolutely critical. Broadcasters like Al Jazeera were relying on us for streaming so it was the only way for us to deliver our service in what was a very, very challenging time.

I was looking for a hosting company that could provide three things: colocation of a server; great value for money; and a south of England location. Rapidswitch offered all of these things, and after researching various other hosting providers, I decided that RapidSwitch offered the best deal.

The on-going support we get from RapidSwitch is excellent and to date we have had no technical issues whatsoever.

It’s the difference between having a clue and not having a clue. The guys at RapidSwitch have a clue!

It’s not just the fast response that we like. One of the other great things about RapidSwitch is the exceptionally fast servers they’ve provisioned for us in their Maidenhead data centre. This means we can maximise our returns from each server, which ultimately benefits our business.

As soon as we met the guys at RapidSwitch we knew that not only could they provide us with the reliable hosting we needed but that they also understood our business and our need for absolute 100% uptime and round-the-clock technical support.

I would recommend Rapidswitch to anybody because their servers are very stable and offer a very good infrastructure for building great webapps on top. Plus, they’re great to deal with.

At the time of looking, RapidSwitch was the only company that could provide us with a high burst rate of bandwidth that was suitable for streaming without holding us to a permanently high level of traffic. It meant we were able to offer live webcasts at a really competitive rate.

Each time the work has been provisioned quickly and efficiently. The RapidSwitch team offers a fast, friendly, straight forward service. I really can’t fault them.