Enterprise IaaS made simple

Introducing HAPPI, the world’s first true IaaS application. Built to provide our staff and our customers with complete design control, platform visibility, and transparency of costs from the start. Every product and service is being populated in our catalogue, with additional catalogues being created for public cloud services. Templates and vendor-approved blueprints make it quick and easy to build upon best practice designs that are pre-populated in the tool. Happi is the first, and only IaaS tool that provides a visual representation of the platform and service across multiple locations and service providers. Chat to a member of our team if you wish to have assistance in designing infrastructure within our purpose built application.

Drag and Drop Design Icon

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop functionality makes it incredibly easy to stitch together infrastructure and networking components of a hosting platform, with a similar look and feel to industry leading drawing programs.

Pricing Icon

Instant pricing

Avoid the salesmanship of having to work with multiple vendors to get the best pricing. Happi shows logged-in users all the costs of infrastructure before deal-registration, to provide a quick assessment of the commercials on an upfront, monthly, or contracted basis.

Network Design icon

Network Design

The main source of all deployment issues is the misunderstanding between client and provider of networking design. With granular detail – down to individual port allocation – happi provides complete assurance over exactly where the physical and logical creation of networks will take place.

Multi-location Icon


Not all services are available in every location, so our innovative map provides the ability to choose locations based on their unique service catalogue.

Detailed Configuration Icon

Detailed Configuration

Management screens for individual devices will show the precise specification – including available free slots for extra memory DIMMs and hard drives – of every device. Once in service, the management screen can highlight areas where monitoring has identified warnings or failures of components.

Network & Rack Design Icon

Network and Rack Design

Multiple racks and networks can be created and viewed separately from the main canvas to provide teams with a graphical representation of reality. All used and available NIC and switch ports are shown, with U spaces marked in racks for available space.

Pre-built, customisable vendor-validated templates for assurance over platform provisioning