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Public Cloud Servers


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100% Dediicated Virtual Cloud Servers
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No single point of failure

100% uptime SLA

The whole reason for moving into a cloud environment is to enjoy high-availability and have a service that is up even in the event of a physical hardware failure.

Our public cloud environment is built specifically to have no single point of failure anywhere in the platform. This makes our 100% uptime SLA achievable.

Don't be fooled into thinking all clouds are equal - make sure you ask your cloud provider how their platform is made and how they can guarantee maximum uptime for your server.

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No single point of failure

No resource sharing

Our platform isn't over-crowded

Managing a cloud platform is not straight forward and in order to ensure there is no sharing of resources we have a dedicated team that monitor quality of service.

Unlike budget cloud providers that will maximise profitability by putting as many users on the platform as possible, we have strict policies to ensure all resource is guaranteed to end users.

This translates into a solution that is guaranteed to scale when you need it to, rather than when there's resource available to.

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no need to share resources

Enterprise hardware

Designed with uptime and performance in mind

Our cores are worth more! Too often a hosting provider will cut corners by utilising old equipment in their cloud. This limits the scalability of the platform and means comparing resources is impossible. Our platform utilises the latest in enterprise hardware from Dell, HP and EMC, meaning that you can be guaranteed to be running on the latest generation equipment and therefore high performing CPUs and RAM. A small slice of our cloud resources can out-perform a whole chunk of another provider's.

We are proud of our cloud. We welcome any questions about the underlying technology being used in our cloud environment, to provide a better estimation of the amount of resources you will need to run your servers.

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Highest quality hardware and components used

Bombproof security

Our house is a fortress

Our whole platform is protected by vast security infrastructure, all in high-availability stacks, to protect unwanted traffic from both entering and leaving the cloud.

In order to adhere to strict quality of service and data assurance practices we constantly monitor the traffic being sent to our platform using the latest in Intrusion Prevention solutions.

Whether you're needing a PCI-DSS compliant server instance or meeting ISO and IL accreditations, our platform is suitable for any use.

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RapidSwitch cloud servers have the only the highest quality security

ISO accreditations

Providing assurance through accreditation

ISO accreditations are maintained across all of our sites and all of our cloud platforms to ensure we continue to provide our customers with the assurances that we can protect their data by adhering to the latest safeguard and working practices. Regular ISO audits and spot visits from our external UK accreditor are performed to maintain a continued compliance with the ISO standards.

You can be sure of placing your trust in us.

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iso Accredited

See it, touch it, use it – there’s no fluff in our cloud

There is no better way of seeing the benefits that something can bring than experiencing it first-hand. We’re inviting anyone interested in a private cloud solution to come to our datacentres and experience the benefits first hand.

Let RapidSwitch take you to the cloud by providing a live demo of a cloud environment, together with the option to then see the physical infrastructure.

  • Use VMware and Hyper-V clouds in a live environment
  • Use the tools yourself to create virtual machines and configure settings
  • Tour the datacentre and see the cloud environment
  • Unlimited(1) biscuits and your choice of tea or coffee

(1) Like all our packages, there are no hidden fees or fair usage policies! Mug is included, but you’re welcome to bring your own

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