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How does a private cloud work?

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Architect - Build - Create

Three steps to heaven - as easy as ABC

Architect your private cloud platform and choose whether or not to use our pre-sales advisors.

Building your environment will be our pleasure. We will deploy a ready-to-run high-availability private cloud environment.

Creating your cloud servers in your new environment is done through a few clicks in a control panel.

It really is as easy as ABC to start benefiting from a private cloud solution with RapidSwitch.

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RapidSwitch - keeping things simple

Multi-site Clouds

Two sites - one solution

With our own private fiber between our fully-owned datacentres you can take advantage of cloud solutions that offer complete resilience in the event of a major site catastrophe.

Utilising the latest networking technologies, we can span your virtual environment over multiple geographic locations. This provides complete peace of mind, even in the event of a major disaster.

multi-site clusters

Safe, Secure, and Accredited

Build your home in a premium postcode area

There is no better place to house your private cloud than in one of our fully accredited datacentres. As we own our infrastructure end to end we can guarantee the smooth running of the facilities forever more.

Whether you need to have a platform built to house PCI-DSS compliant solutions, meet IL guidelines for the public sector, or adhere to ISO standards for your corporate clients we can tick all the boxes and deliver unrivalled infrastructure and facilities for your solution.

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iso Accredited

Pre-Packaged Cloud

Create your cloud servers in a ready made environment

Building a cloud doesn't have to be a difficult process and with the benefits of scalability you can upgrade your private cloud in the future without any downtime.

Ask us for a platform that's ready to go. We will build your cloud and provide you with an easy to use control panel so you can start creating your feature-rich servers in the cloud without the headache of building it from scratch.

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pre-packaged cloud

Bulletproof Storage

We deliver storage that's high-performance, fully-resilient, and easily affordable

The main decisions when building a cloud environment always focus around the storage. How much and how fast, and at what cost...

We help our clients to make this decision easy. With a full line up of storage options, including using our own shared SAN storage, it makes the decision that little bit easier.

  • Shared EMC SAN storage
  • No long term commitments
  • 10Gb fiberchannel capable
  • No single points of failure
  • Auto-tiering for max performance
  • Dedicated SAN storage
  • Fully customisable dual-controller SANs
  • iSCSI or fiberchannel options
  • Ideal for large storage requirements
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RapidSwitch cloud servers have the only the highest quality security

See it, touch it, use it – there’s no fluff in our cloud

There is no better way of seeing the benefits that something can bring than experiencing it first-hand. We’re inviting anyone interested in a private cloud solution to come to our datacentres and experience the benefits first hand.

Let RapidSwitch take you to the cloud by providing a live demo of a cloud environment, together with the option to then see the physical infrastructure.

  • Use VMware and Hyper-V clouds in a live environment
  • Use the tools yourself to create virtual machines and configure settings
  • Tour the datacentre and see the cloud environment
  • Unlimited(1) biscuits and your choice of tea or coffee

(1) Like all our packages, there are no hidden fees or fair usage policies! Mug is included, but you’re welcome to bring your own

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