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Backup & Recovery

Full assurance offered by a range of backup, DR, and business continuity solutions.


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Data assurance

Know your data is safe and secure

One of the biggest issues surrounding backup routines is whether or not the data is located in a secure, offsite facility that will be accessible in the event of a failure of the primary system.

Our backup solutions offer you complete peace of mind and full control over your backed up datafiles. Our Avamar platform, built in conjunction with EMC, enables us to deliver a comprehensive, one-stop shop for backups that also offers a flexible, pay as you go billing model.

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Unlimited retention periods

A backup is only worth having if it enables the data to be restored at a given point in time. Retention periods can be a difficult judgement call, as it's not always the case that compromised systems are identified in a timely manner.

Whereas most backup platforms have a standard 30 or 60 day retention period, we offer complete flexibility and an unlimited retention of your data.

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Multi-site backups

A centralised system for all sites

Whether it's in a single, or multiple datacentres our backup platform will pull all the data into our centralised system. You have the ability to have servers backed up in the office, in the datacentre, or even at home. One system can manage all your hosts and also has the flexibility of offering backups to multiple backup grids.

Rolling out a single backup platform for all your sites has never been so easy.

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Multi-site backups

Maintenance without disruption

Perform work without taking core systems offline

Almost all systems will require patch management and routine upgrades from time to time. A true business continuity plan ensures that these necessary interruptions to daily activity don't impact on daily activities.

With an increasing number of tools to implement a business continuity solution available, they offer the opportunity to perform maintenance during working hours and without risk to the business.

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Maintenance without disruption

Reduce administration costs

Remove internal project management overheads

It can be a full-time task to plan, implement, and report on scheduled work to core business systems. The beauty of a complete business continuity solution is that this administrative burden can be removed, freeing up your project managers to work on revenue-earning projects for the business.

Re-purposing staff to focus on activities that drive business value to your customers will do more than just cut costs - it will increase service quality and can be used to boost revenues too.

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Reduce admin costs

Seamless upgrades

No more upgrade nerves

System upgrades to hardware are welcome and necessary for a growing business but carry with them an element of risk, particularly if they expose unknown issues during the upgrade process.

Business Continuity is about enabling these upgrades to happen with the worry of a maintenance window to adhere to, completely removing any risk of downtime during the scheduled upgrade.

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Seamless upgrades with RapidSwitch

Expect the unexpected

Failure to plan is planning to fail

Disasters come in many shapes and forms. Whether it's a single component failure in a system, a whole platform issue, or a complete failure of a physical site it is imperative to have a disaster recovery plan.

Whereas the impact to a business of creating and routinely reviewing a disaster recovery plan will not always be insignificant, the benefits of a disaster recovery plan when problems strike are incredibly significant.

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Expect the unexpected

Stay calm in chaos

Keep your business together when others fall apart

There is no denying that a disaster can ruin a business. Whether it's not being able to physically recover due to data loss or a significant investment in time to rebuild the platform, a business can fail in an instant.

Customers that have experienced a total failure from a supplier will want to be assured that your business won't go the same way. A disaster recovery plan isn't a nice to have, it's becoming an obligatory requirement to win business.

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Stress free hosting with RapidSwitch

Reduce long term costs

Start early and keep it manageable

Smaller businesses often don't consider a disaster recovery plan to be necessary due to their size. This is a mistake made far too often, as it's the size of the company that often determines the level of difficulty in designing and implementing a disaster recovery plan.

A disaster recovery plan also aids business decision making and brings cohesive thinking across business departments. There will be higher quality decisions made when consideration is given to the long-term planning of the business and greater attention is paid to the planning stage of projects.

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Reduce long term costs with RapidSwitch

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