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Cloud Solutions

We offer self-managed and fully managed public cloud servers, private cloud solutions, and hybrid packages

Managed Public Cloud


Ideal for a small number of servers that need a cloud platform with true high-availability and no single point of failure. Fully managed by our internal infrastructure team, our public cloud platform is unrivalled for resilience and performance

  • Use our enterprise infrastructure
  • No single point of failure
  • Fully featured VMware platform
  • Fiberchannel connectivity
  • Intensively monitored and managed 24x7x365
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Private Cloud Platform


The future of all business hosting. Let us build your own private cloud platform to run your hosting infrastructure on. High-availability comes as standard. Use our enterprise storage or take your own dedicated SAN.

  • Control your own cloud environment
  • High-availability as standard
  • Consolidate resources and save costs
  • Multiple storage options
  • 'Out of the box' solutions available
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Confused by cloud?

Let us provide you with an insight into what 'the cloud' actually is by getting a hands-on demo of a fully featured cloud environment

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Public or Private?

Public clouds are the natural solution for when you have a small number of servers and don't need to consolidate resources on to your own platform, but there is a requirement for 100% uptime. Use our infrastructure to run your server.

Private clouds are ideal for customers with multiple server requirements. We will build your own platform and you create as many virtual machines as required, all with high-availability built in. Easy to manage and massively cost-effective, private clouds are the future of hosting solutions.

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See it, touch it, use it – there’s no fluff in our cloud

There is no better way of seeing the benefits that something can bring than experiencing it first-hand. We’re inviting anyone interested in a private cloud solution to come to our datacentres and experience the benefits first hand.

Let RapidSwitch take you to the cloud by providing a live demo of a cloud environment, together with the option to then see the physical infrastructure.

  • Use VMware and Hyper-V clouds in a live environment
  • Use the tools yourself to create virtual machines and configure settings
  • Tour the datacentre and see the cloud environment
  • Unlimited(1) biscuits and your choice of tea or coffee

(1) Like all our packages, there are no hidden fees or fair usage policies! Mug is included, but you’re welcome to bring your own

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Included Features

Fully Scalable Cloud Servers

Fully Scalable

Cloud Servers have the ability to grow and shrink in-line with your requirements. Add additional storage, RAM, or CPU for extra performance when you need it most. No longer do you need to worry about under-utilised hardware when it's not your peak season - simply expand and contract resources when you need them, controlling expenditure and maximising return from your services.


A World of Features

With Cloud Servers come a mammoth of additional features - High Availability, Heart beat monitoring, live migration of servers between hosts and storage platforms, disaster recovery and business continuity features, and as technology advances the possibilities are increasing too. Moving to Cloud ensures you can maximise the use of these features and make them work for you.

100% Uptime

Ready on Demand

There is no issue with lead times or stock availability when it comes to Cloud Servers. Provisioned on our vast cloud platforms, you're able to get instant provisioning the moment you place the order. Safe in the knowledge that our public cloud infrastructure is enterprise-class and built for performance and resilience , you're guaranteed 100% uptime from our Cloud platform.

Dedicated Server

It's Still Dedicated!

All of our Cloud Servers are still 100% dedicated servers. We do not share resources between Cloud Servers or over-commit our servers. You won't be affected by other user activity and there are no security compromises - it's a fully dedicated server. Accept no compromise - we provide high quality self-managed services at unbeatable prices.

Case Studies & Testimonials


Multiplay is a gaming services company with an exceptional reputation for multiplayer games hosting.


Barton Willmore

RapidSwitch provides secure dedicated hosting for the UK’s leading integrated planning and design consultancy Barton Willmore.



Innovative London development agency Webx specialise in Joomla!™ They developed a brand new website to support the charity Missing People. View Video

Documents Online

Documents Online are dedicated to making electronic document management (EDM) affordable and available to organisations of all sizes, from SME’s upwards.



High speed hosting from RapidSwitch helps Xbox gamers social network TrueAchievements hit big numbers.


Total Radio Solutions

Total Radio Solutions produce & host bespoke live radio stations for commercial & private companies across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.



PageTiger is the fastest growing online publishing platform in the UK. Read more...


Isotoma have a requirement for fast storage – from SSD, RapidSwitch has now helped Isotoma utilise Fusion-IO cards for its biggest applications. Read more...


A video case study from Livestation. View Video

Joomla Wired

The world’s 1st dedicated server environment for Joomla!™ is hosted by RapidSwitch. Read more...


RapidSwitch gives start-up business Plancake the right hosting mix. Read more...

Streaming Wizard

Streaming Wizard turns to RapidSwitch for flexible bandwidth.

If support of all companies were as good as yours I would probably be the happiest IT director ever

Oleg Tarasov