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By default, our standard offering applies to all servers but customer can choose to go completely unmanaged and save costs or have an enhanced service level that covers quicker response times for hardware fixes and other included, free services.

Our belief is that you should only pay for what you need. Support is available whenever you need it - we have staff on-site at every one of our datacentres 24x7x365, but you should only pay for what you need, when you need it.

We call this approach: self-managed systems, with service-on-demand.

This guarantees that we provide the lowest possible prices for quality systems and infrastructure, but also ensures you get high-quality, fully dedicated support when required.

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Included Features

10Gig Network

Within RapidSwitch your server is connected to a network that has been independently-rated as being one of the fastest in the UK and it comes with a 100% uptime guarantee. Fast and resilient, it spans the length of the UK. We run our own regional and diverse dark fibre network at 10 gigabits to deliver the ultimate in network performance.

Free DNS Services

Our custom and comprehensive DNS platform is available for all RapidSwitch customers so you’re welcome to use our DNS servers and remove the strain from your own server’s resources. We provide forward, secondary and reverse DNS services.

Client Portal

Our client portal is one of the most comprehensive of any hosting company. Continually evolving for over a decade, you can control all aspects of your service online with zero hassle – from invoicing to server monitoring, it’s all setup in one place.


We provide a free, four hour KVMoIP session each month for every server on your account, allowing you to access your server without network access and avoid the expense of paying for infrequently used out-of-band management cards.

24/7 Monitoring and Alerting

Our portal provides comprehensive monitoring of your server for free, including configuration of email and SMS alerts to alert you if there are any issues. An absolute must for self-managed services, you’re in touch with your service wherever you are.

Live Bandwidth Graphs

Bandwidth monitoring is provided live through our control panel, 24/7. You’re continually aware of usage and we provide estimates of your bandwidth for the remainder of the month so you can monitor activity and avoid overage charges, all provided in data and graph format.

Complete Control

You are always in full control of your dedicated server at RapidSwitch. You have complete Administrator/root access to your servers, can run your own custom scripts, can choose what security policies you put in place, and with a dedicated server you’re not affected by other users' activity.

24/7 Support

Rest assured that our qualified staff are on-site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We use our own technical staff, not generic datacentre staff that deal with many hosting companies. Our staff hold accreditations with Microsoft, Linux, VMWare and other leading technology partners.

What are dedicated servers?

Dedicated servers, as their name suggests, are dedicated solely to a single customer. This provides increased bandwidth to a web hosting service. The entire dedicated server is thus leased to a single client without any shared hosting. This offers great flexibility to our clients. They can choose the server’s operating system and the hardware. Full administrative control is provided to the client through dedicated servers. Dedicated servers often prove to be a highly popular hosting solution. They can also be managed servers. Managed servers that are dedicated to a single client may offer greater flexibility. Many businesses prefer to buy dedicated servers to support high bandwidth applications. Businesses such as high volume e-commerce providers and financial services providers prefer to use dedicated servers.

PDedicated servers are backed up by a complete range of support activities that provide for smooth running of the services. Support for any of the operating systems usually depends on the level of management offered with a particular dedicated server plan. Operating system contributions and support may include updates to the core system in order to acquire the latest patches, security upgrades, and system-wide vulnerability resolutions. Updates to core operating systems include kernel upgrades, service packs, application updates, and security patches that keep server secure and safe. Operating system updates and support relieves the burden of server management from the dedicated server owner.

Providers of dedicated servers offer a range of value added services and server options. Accessibility, price and employee familiarity often determine which operating systems are offered on dedicated servers from most vendors. Variations of the Linux open source operating systems are often included at no extra charge to the customer. However, Microsoft requires additional license fees on all their products, thus increasing the monthly cost of a dedicated server running a Windows operating system. Commercial operating systems include Microsoft Windows Server, provided through a special program called Microsoft SPLA. Red Hat Enterprise is a particular commercial version of Linux often offered to hosting providers on a monthly fee basis. The monthly fee provides updates through the Red Hat Network. Other operating systems may be available available from the open source community at no charge. These can include Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora Core, Debian, and others.

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Documents Online

Documents Online are dedicated to making electronic document management (EDM) affordable and available to organisations of all sizes, from SME’s upwards.



High speed hosting from RapidSwitch helps Xbox gamers social network TrueAchievements hit big numbers.


Total Radio Solutions

Total Radio Solutions produce & host bespoke live radio stations for commercial & private companies across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.



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Streaming Wizard

Streaming Wizard turns to RapidSwitch for flexible bandwidth.

Please pass my thanks to you and your team for the excellent help in getting everything sorted and in dealing with the requests I logged so far. I am not used to this level of support was far as hosting is concerned. I actually now wiish I have come to you earlier.

Kobus Bensch - Fullnet