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Storage Solutions

RapidSwitch can provide either managed storage solutions or all the building blocks you need to create your own.

PAYG Enterprise Storage

Bells and whistles without commitment

Our shared SAN infrastructure is amongst the most powerful available in the world. Storage is provided by EMC and there are a variety of platforms available, leading with the latest VMAX storage solutions from EMC offering blistering performance for the most intensive of applications.

Billing models are pay-as-you-go, so there's no commitment and the amount of storage can be increased as your business grows. Choose from SATA storage or auto-tiered storage, with the latter offering increased performance for your applications.

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VMax storage solutions from EMC

Dedicated Storage Options

Be greedy and have your own, built to order SAN

If you need a bespoke requirement then use our purchasing power to provide the most cost-effective, dedicated SAN storage available on the market. With vendor options from Dell, HP, Nimbus, ProStorage and EMC you'll not be short of choices of storage solutions to select from.

Our pre-sales storage experts can be used to advise on the latest and most commercially viable storage solutions on the market, having benchmarked and stress-tested a huge variety of options across all vendors. Use our experience to help make an independent and informed decision.

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Dedicated storage options

Go BIG and go HOME

Customised storage for solutions builders

It doesn't need to be a SAN from a hardware vendor - we can offer storage enclosures that are custom built to your requirements for you to run your own storage software on. Customers can choose from popular, open-source applications such as FreeNAS or create their own virtualised storage.

Whether it's from a vendor or built from scratch, you can be assured of the greatest possible value for your storage needs.

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Seamless upgrades with RapidSwitch

Off-site and Secure

Perfect for disaster recovery solutions

Our off-site NAS platform is designed to provide cost effective storage in another of our datacentres. Use our shared NAS to store your backups and data without the concerns of data transfer costs.

Connected with multiple 10Gb links, our inter-datacentre links allow for our NAS infrastructure to receive and send data as quick as you'll find anywhere in the UK.

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Data assurance

Open to all

Colo or dedi, it's an open platform

We don't specify that customers with certain services can use our infrastructure. It's completely open to all, no matter what the solution is that you have with us.

You can mix and match your own hardware and your own licensing for backup or archive software while using our NAS solutions.

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Open to all customers

100% Data Assurance

EMC Avamar software delivers the ultimate in data protection

A backup means nothing unless it can be verified and retrived without any worry. EMC's Avamar platform leads the global field in backup technology and we have adapted it specifically for our own cloud environment.

Multiple EMC SANs, replicated across physical sites and offering unlimited data retention periods provide all the guarantees you need to ensure your data is completely safe and available when you need it most.

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EMC Avamar

Dedicated Control Panel

Easy to use interfaces with efficiency in mind

Our dedicated control panel has been built from the ground up to deliver a simple yet powerful interface for resellers and customers to maintain their backups.

Scheduling a backup, performing an on-demand backup, browsing historic backups, or editing existing backup schedules and retention policies is all possible via our backup solution.

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Dedicated backup control panel

Backup - Anywhere

Home, office, or datacentre, your one stop solution

A huge advantage of our platform is that it can consolidate your backups from wherever you are in the world. Using intelligent agents and de-duplication software, the backup is based on incremental changes in the filesystems only, which means backing up over slower internet connections is possible.

A consolidated backup platform allows for much easier manageability of the service and with complete data assurance, there's no need for multiple backup plans.

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Backup, anywhere, anytime

Fair and Affordable

Features come for free; backup is billed for only what you use

Setting up a dedicated backup platform can be costly. The initial infrastructure requirement and the on-going storage requirement represent capital costs while buying in to vendor software solutions can be a large operating cost before it even reaches the IT team to implement.

Our backup service is a true cloud platform and users are only billed for their usage on a per GB basis, with an average taken across a calendar month. Fair and affordable, this method has proven massively popular with clients and resellers alike.

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PAy for what you use

Data for safe keeping

Cost effective storage for non-critical data

Archives represent a storage solution that isn't routinely used for restores or constant backups, so must be cost effective and offer solid guarantees about the reliability of data being stored.

Our archiving solution is totally cloud based, guaranteeing the reliability of the data through replication in a highly secure, completely bespoke solution.

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Cloud Archiving

Dedicated Control Panel

Bespoke design for a unique solution

Much like our innovative control panel for our backup solution, our archiving platform comes with its own control panel that's been designed specifically for the platform.

Manage and administer your archives via our control panel, accessing usage data and metrics to help track how your data is growing over time and make forecasts for your future data needs.

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Dedicated Archiving Control Panel

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