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RapidSwitch Hardware

Our hand-picked components deliver unrivalled perfomance at every price point but if you'd prefer, please ask us to build a system using your preferred choice of components.


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Intel Processors

Not only do Intel processors currently dominate the CPU benchmarks for performance, but they are a proven brand. We choose the best products for the task and Intel CPUs have consistently out-performed the competition for not just performance, but reliability too.

Key Features
  • Latest generation Ivybridge CPUs
  • Custom CPUs available to order
  • Multi-CPU systems for max performance
  • Overclock and use Intel boost technology

SSD, SAS, SATA Hard Drives

We have tier 1 agreements with storage vendors to ensure we provide the highest performing drives at the best possible prices. Choose from 7,200rpm to 15,000rpm SAS physical drives through to the latest generation in flash storage from Crucial, Fusion-IO and OCZ.

Key Features
  • SLC and MLC SSDs available
  • Up to 4TB SAS and SATA and 1TB SSD
  • Fusion-IO and Revodrive flash technology
  • All drives backed by full guarantee

Hardware RAID Controllers

We choose to only provide hardware RAID controllers across our systems, never relying on on-board or software RAID for deployments - though you can of course request this as an option.

A dedicated hardware controller takes the strain from the motherboard and on-board chip, delivering higher performance and proven reliability.

Key Features
  • Proven realtime data protection
  • Hardware controllers as standard
  • RAID monitoring 24x7x365
  • BBU-backed controllers in all Premium systems
  • RAID 1, 10, 5, and 6 options

SAN Storage

We can provide access to our shared EMC fiberchannel SANs or supply dedicated SAN appliances for your shared storage requirement.

SANs are most often used to take advantage of high-availability features when using virtualisation technology.

Key Features
  • Up to 10Gb iSCSI or Fiberchannel
  • Shared SAN options for no long-term commitment
  • Auto-tiered storage technology
  • Dual storage controllers as standard
  • Storage options from EMC, Dell, and HP

Cisco ASA Appliances

Dedicated firewalls become much more than just a device to run iptables. With additional options for multiple VPN connections, intrusion protection, gigabit support, penetration testing and a centralised device to protect your server estate, a firewall is a must-have for any platform that's serious about security.

Key Features
  • Centralised security management for your solution
  • Required for PCI-DSS compliance
  • Fully HA options available
  • Create multiple IPSec VPNs

Layer 7 Load Balancers

Only intel processors are used in RapidSwitch Servers

Whether it's distributing traffic across multiple servers or providing high-availability to maximise uptime, our load balancer solutions provide complete peace of mind that your platform is built to cater for significant traffic volumes and remain online.

Key Features
  • Layer 7 load balancing
  • Available on gigabit connections
  • Offers high-availability across servers
  • Distribute traffic cleanly in a cluster

To discuss your bespoke hardware requirements simply contact our sales team who will be happy to help

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We received an email at 4am this morning from one of your support team informing us that there may be an issue with a hard disk in one of our co-lo servers. I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the proactive level of service we receive from RapidSwitch. A refreshing change to many other IT companies we have dealt with over the years.

Darryl Morton - logicsoftware