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Our Connectivity Solutions

The ultimate in office connectivity solutions using our superfast UK network

Service description

RapidSwitch provide Point to Point (P2P) network solutions, enabling your office (or home!) to be connected to our mighty UK network. This provides the opportunity for:

  • Your hosting platform to be on a local network to your office (using MPLS technology)
  • Huge bandwidth capability between your hosting platform and office, perfect for replicating and synchronising data
  • A localised disaster recovery plan, with uber-fast backup capability
  • A lower cost of ownership for your office infrastructure

Connections are possible from anywhere in the UK. You can control the speed and level of diversity. We can offer:

  • Up to 10Gb connections
  • A choice of contention rations (1:1, 5:1)
  • Single path connection, Standby connection, Multi-path connection (diverse routes), or Multi-path and split site connections

Service Features

As you'd expect, our P2P solutions are of the highest quality.

  • Carrier Neutral
  • Choice of bandwidth/speeds (2Mb - 10 Gb)
  • Flat rate monthly billing
  • Mesh Protection
  • Interclass bursting for greater bandwidth efficiency
  • Choice of interface handoffs (e.g. Fast Ethernet or Gigabyte Ethernet)
  • End to End QoS guarantees
High Quality P2P solutions from RapidSwitch

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